The Spring of 2012

An interesting group of students started their semester at Norwegian School of Sport Science in the spring of 2012 and would like to share their experiences and advices to other students.

Alexander (Russia), Hans (Albania), Kacey (Australia) and Wilson (Hong Kong

To get some impressions on how it is to study here in NSSS, we arranged an interview with four students from across the world, Albania, Australia, Russia and Hong Kong. They are from a program called Teos (Transcultural European Outdoor Studies) and taking their second semester here as a part of their masters degree. There is an impressive 16 students on the program from 15 different countries. They are seconds away from going into their exams period and have gained a lot of impressions from NSSS and the Norwegian society in general.


NSS offers a lot of different social activities. They have many social groups that arrange and organise trips, events and trainings. Kasey finds it great but points out that you need to be updated on the facebook pages and do some research to find out what’s going on, since most of the information is in Norwegian. Hans is frequently playing soccer and challenge Kacey for a match.


One of the things that Alexander mentioned was the lack of social classes in the lectures and in Oslo in general. When you go to a lecture or a culture event you get more of a feeling that they are a part of a cohesive group, says Alexander. It is not a clear social line between tutors and student and he enjoys that.


They are also taking a Norwegian language class and the students gave us some impressively well pronounced Norwegian sentences, which can give them some advantages in dealing with the Norwegian society. Wilson mentioned that you have to do some work to find all the busses and trains scheduals and to know when and where they are going. A perfect place for this is the information desks at the main stations.


Except from the expensive prices and the public transport, the students have got a good impression of Norway. At their spare time they like explore the possibilities this country has to offer. All of them seem to enjoy the nature, city centre and Kacey told us she especially loves to go skiing. “In the beginning I skied every single day, in every space I had”, the Australian girl continues.


One of the best assets at NSSS is the main variety of sporting facilities. You can do pretty much everything here, says Alexander. Despite of Kaceys lack of orientation, she always finds the place she wants to go. In the winter time it is close to the cross country skiing tracks. Alexander means that Kaceys interest for cross-country is mostly drawn because of the lack of snow in Australia. Kacey laughs and agrees. Kasey also mentions that all of the students here are very into sports and feels that it is a part of the social environment that you keep active at some sort. Wilson, on the other hand, loves to read and would like the variety in the English section in the library to be bigger.


In addition to the nature, they like the cultural part of Norway. When Alexander came to Oslo, he felt like exploring the city. He has visited the literary house and a few museums, and he thinks the cultural events are good. In the beginning Alexander felt the people here were non-friendly, and he often experienced that people didn’t respond to his greetings. But after a while he settled and doesn't find it a problem anymore.


Everyone stays at Kringsjå student apartments, while Alexandre stays at Bjølsen student apartments. Kringsjå students apartments is where most of the international students live, and it’s easier to get to know someone there, says Alexander. The student advisor therefore recommends international students to stay at Kringsjå.


It is not only trough TEOS that you can start at NSSS. You can also apply trough other schools and on your own, just follow the easy steps on the web page.