Make friends and participate in adventure sports, non-adventure sports or even just silly sports. Join GiGass!

Five students hiking in the mountains looking over a lake
GiGass offers social cohesion, play and physical development

At NIH, many student like to plan and do unorganized physical activity like ski snowboard, kite, surf etc. A couple of years ago, a group of friends figured out that if you do these activities together, trips and experiences would be more fun and cheaper. That is how GiGass was started. 

During the last years GiGass has increased from a small group of friends to a very big group, with people with all kinds of knowledge and experience.

GiGass has a wide range of activities. For example they arrange trips to the Alps, Hemsedaltrip (ski/snowboard), surf trips, climbing trips, longboard, jumping and figure skating, specilized events as 69º bratt.

In addition, we have many small and more spontaneous activities like mud wrestling, ice bathing, camping, cake fight, trail, climbing, slakkline and fear factor. In other words, GiGass is for everybody!

Low threshold

GiGass is a low threshold offer - there is no skill is required. It is an association where you can meet like-minded, both novice or experienced in the various activities.

Check out the Association's own Facebook group, or take a look at the bulletin board at service market, where it hung up a separate calendar with contact information.

We have happenings almost every week; like climbing, snowboard, longboard, ski, choir and fun with “Oslo Sidelengs Brettklubb”. Join the group at facebook for updates! You can also check out the GiGass-board between the cafeteria and the reception J


For only 60 NOK you can become a member of GiGass. Send us an email with name, email address, phone number. 

Contact us any time, at any place for inquiries.

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