UPT is the body at the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences responsible for practical facilities for students with disabilities.

Students with physical and mental disabilities may require access to practical facilities during their studies. UPT is also responsible for providing practical facilities during examinations for students with reading and writing difficulties.

UPT is a part of the learning environment committee (LMU)

UPT consists of the following key people:

  • A faculty member with special expertise in physical activity for people with disabilities, head of UPT: Marte Bentzen
  • Student representative: (not present in individual cases)
  • Program leader for first year Bachelor of Sports Sciences: Deputy Principal (present only in cases connected to 1BA)
  • Department of Academic Affairs employee with special responsibility for monitoring students with disabilities, secretary in UPT: Kristin Dybvad

Extra teaching

UPT spends 50,000kr per year on extra part-time teachers and the implementation of any alternative teaching programs. If you require extra assistance with your learning, complete an application form together with your lecturer and submit it to the Department of Academic Affairs.