Coronavirus infects as with colds and flu. Everyone should follow standard hygiene measures.

  • Use the antibac dispensers
  • Cough in the elbow or in a paper towel (throw away afterwards)
  • Wash your hands frequently

If you are feeling unwell, contact the health service by phone if needed. If in doubt, stay home.

Viruses transmit

Coronavirus infections spread as with colds and flu.

  • Through the air, the sick sneezes or coughs so that the virus inhales or comes into contact with the mucosa of the eyes, nose or mouth of people nearby.
  • By direct contact when the patient has got the virus on his hands and transmits it by contact with others.
  • By indirect contact when the virus has been transmitted to inventory or items through the sneeze / cough or by the sick or others having the virus on their hands and others come into contact with the object.

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