Stricter national measures

New measures in place after the press conference on 13 December 2021.

The Government came last night (13.12) with new and stricter infection control measures so as not to overburden the health service and protect critical societal functions. It has some new consequences for employees, students and those who rent space from NIH.

Campus hours

The campus is not closed and there will be normal opening hours until the Christmas holidays.

Work from Home 

Everyone who can work from home should do so. Make arrangements with your immediate manager. Meetings will mainly be conducted digitally.

Schedule activities

The defence scheduled for 16 December will happen as planned, Up to 50 people can attend physically present in Auditorium Innsikt and guests must register with a QR-code.

Library Services

The library is open for self-service 08:30-15: 00 from n ow through 22 December. On 23 December there is only it is self-service from 10-14. You will be required to use face masks and maintain a distance of 1 m. Read more about how to get in touch with the library staff.


All organized and unorganized group training is cancelled for the next four weeks. The training studio will be open for individual training, as long as you maintain a proper distance to those around you. (1-2m, depending on the intensity of your workout.)

Hours for staff swimming will be discontinued over the next four weeks.


There have been questions from some students about exemption from physical attendance at pratical methodology exams. The crisis management team will decide on this tomorrow after receiving assessments from examiners in relevant exams.


There are common rules for isolation and quarantine regardless of virus variant. Quarantine obligation for household members and equivalent close with the opportunity to test themselves after seven days. Other close contacts can be tested after three days, but still be in the leisure quarantine for a negative test after seven days. (new) See separate case about TISK and the quarantine.

See an overview of current national measures from 15.12.