National disease control measures

New measures and protocols as outlined in the press conference on 7 December 2021.

At the recent press conference on 7 December 2021, the government presented a number of new measures that will apply from Thursday, 9 December and for the next four weeks.

Oral exams will be digital

Update 9 December: The Government has decided to introduce a number of national infection control measures to reduce the burden on the health  care service, and to delay and limit the spread of the omicron variant.

Late Tuesday night, the Ministry of Education and Research and Minister of Research and Higher Education, Ola Borten Moe sent letters to universities and colleges with new guidelines for handling the corona situation in light of the new measures from the government.

At today's emergency meeting (8 December) the following were discussed and decided:

Teaching and exams

  • The Government recommends that more instruction in smaller groups and more digital instruction be introduced at universities, colleges and vocational colleges as soon as possible in order to reduce the risk of infection.
  • The remaining instruction time this semester will be changed to teaching in smaller groups and increased digital teaching. Students who are dependent on experiments in laboratories and skills training are given priority to be present on campus.

For NIH this means:

  • All theoretical teaching will be carried out digitally from 9 December until the end of January [2022].
  • Practical teaching (activity teaching) and practical methodology exams will continue as planned through the end January [2022], in accordance with infection control rules.
  • All scheduled school exams will be digital until the end of January.
  • Oral exams will be digital.

Training and activity

  • The training studio is open to students and staff during opening hours and only during periods when there is not any instruction, exams, or rentals.  (NB: Check Time edit / timetable).
  • Keep a distance of 1 meter from others in the gym and wash the equipment after use.
  • The maximum limit of adults for group activity is set at 20 people. For high intensity activity (e.g. spinning), a distance of two meters must be maintained.
  • In the locker rooms, staff and students must adhere to a distance of 1 meter and use face masks when this is not possible.
  • There will be a separate registration with a restricted number of guests for staff bathing.

In the next two days, the Estate and Facilities Department will make arrangements for employees and students to keep their distance from each other in common areas (in particular, the canteen), in meeting rooms, auditoriums, classrooms and group rooms. The premises will be marked with the maximum number of places in the room. Extra cleaning will be performed on all contact surfaces.

Social events with more than 20 people will unfortunately be canceled.

Attendance and meetings

All employees who can work from home and who do not have tasks that require being at the campus, must mainly work from home.

Employees with reception duties such as canteen, library, Servicetorget, tutoring,  guidence and IT are present as usual.

The immediate manager is responsible for assessing who must be physically present to take care of teaching, research and maintenance of necessary operational functions.

Some meetings will still be physical - the leader decides which ones, and ensures compliance with infection control rules.

Face masks and self-tests

Face masks should be used wherever it is not possible to keep a distance of 1 meter. This applies to the entire campus, whether teaching or in the canteen, the library or elsewhere.

If needed, face masks are available at Servicetorget.

SiO has announced that they (on behalf of the authorities) will reintroduce the distribution of self-tests (rapid tests) to university and college campuses. NIH will hopefully soon have new self-tests available for pick-up at Servicetorget.

Infected with the coronavirus? 

Let us know if you are infected with corona. 

Report a positive test result to:

You must go into isolation once you receive a positive test result. See the Norwegian Health Services' website for advice, information, and routines.

You are responsible for notifying those you have been in close contact with in the last 48 hours prior to testing positive. 

You must inform your immediate supervisor if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19.