Implications of new measures

3 December 2021: What do new infection control measures mean for employees and students?

  • All exams, except practical methodologies (PM) exams and oral exams, are digital. This was decided a while back and we are glad we did. If the student has symptoms prior to the oral exam, they must give notice at least two days in advance and we must arrange for a digital solution. If the student becomes ill the same day, the student must refer to a doctor's certificate and take a postponed exam. This information will also be sent to the students.
  •  Teaching until Christmas goes as planned and in accordance with current guidelines. We ask all educators to prepare for digital and hybrid solutions if the infection situation persists or escalates after Christmas.
  • Students in praxis must follow the regulations that apply to the workplace where they are placed.
  • Home office: Everyone who has a position where physical presence is necessary, meets on campus as usual (research / lab, teaching, first line, operations, library, cleaning, etc.). Other employees must, in dialogue with the immediate supervisor, find solutions and sensible combinations of home office and presence. This will initially apply until the turn of the year.
  • Everyone is asked to take days off and time off during Christmas in space if no urgent work has to be done.
  • Meetings: The leader must decide which meetings will still be physical (with a distance in large enough meeting rooms) and which can be carried out digitally / hybrid solution.
  • Events / Christmas parties: must take place in accordance with current infection control rules. The leader must assess the risk and make the decision whether the event can be carried out or not.
  • Staff swimming hours continues as normal.

Otherwise, we encourage everyone to use the infection tracking app for FHI and follow the current advice and rules for infection control:

  • Say yes to vaccine
  • Stay home and test yourself when you are sick
  • Keep your distance where possible, otherwise do not use a face mask. Face masks are available at Servicetorget.
  • Avoid shaking hands and hugging.
  • Reduce the number of people you are in contact with.