Christmas party cancelled and new rules in Oslo

Letter from the Director

Annual Christmas Party is Cancelled

Dear colleagues,

During the week, many of us, with growing concern, have wondered whether the omicron variant of the coronavirus would put an end to the NIH Christmas party. This afternoon, the government came up with an unequivocal answer.

A number of regional infection control measures are now being introduced, which means that tomorrow's event will unfortunately have to be cancelled. Around 140 employees are registered for this year's Christmas party, the upper limit for events like this is set at 100.

I'm very sorry - mostly on behalf of the Estate and Facilities Department - who have spent a lot of time and work preparing for a fantastic party. It is also incredibly sad for all of you who for another year miss this pleasant tradition of socializing, good food, entertainment, dancing and mingling.

Since I started at NIH in August, I have been told stories and rumors about this event. It has raised my expectations. I would have loved to have met you tomorrow, to have talked to you that I have not talked to before, to have danced with some of the NIH's many disco start and to have performed for Kjell-Arild’s and the student board’s stand-up routine. It will have to wait until the next opportunity…

Then we can only hope for a new opportunity to use our wit and Christmas party outfits at NIH.

New measures and restrictions from 3 December.

In Oslo, the following regional measures will take effect from midnight on Friday 3 December:

  • Mandatory use of face masks where it is not possible to keep at least one meter distance in shops, shopping malls, restaurants, public transport, indoor station areas and taxis. The obligation to wear a face mask does not apply to children under the age of 12, or to those who for medical or other reasons cannot wear a face mask. It is also recommended to use face masks in a crowd, where it is difficult to keep your distance.
  • When possible, an work-from-home order is in place for workplaces where it is possible without compromising important and necessary services. When possible, we must ensure that employees work from home all or part of the week. This can be done, for example, so that the employees work from home half the time. We will return with more information on how to practice this at NIH.
  • Number restrictions for private indoor events of up to 100 people in a public place or in rented / borrowed premises.
  • Duty for restaurants and organizers to register guests in order to notify guests in the event of infection exposure.
  • Requirements for table service of alcohol for restaurants and events that have a liquor license
  • Requirement that all guests have seats in restaurants that have a liquor license
  • Number restrictions for indoor events without fixed allocated seats of up to 600 (in cohorts of 200).

I have summoned the crisis team to a meeting tomorrow morning. Following the meeting, further information will be posted on how we will comply with the Government's other orders and recommendations on infection control measures.

The government is introducing regional infection control measures in several municipalities -

Warm greetings Unn-Hilde