Summer at NIH

Fix your bike, find a quiet place to eat, refill your water bottle or boost your workout at our outdoor fitness park: it's all here at NIH!

During weeks 28 -32

Summer open

On your way to Sognsvann?

Drop by NIH! The students may be gone, but our facilities and fields are still open.

Fix your bike

Need to fix a flat? Tighten your brakes? Use NIH's repair stand and get rolling. 

Refill your water bottle

Thirsty? Refill your bottle at the water fountain located just inside the main entrance.  

Find a quiet place to eat

Use the picnic benches on our campus and keep the ants away from your food. 

Learn parkour

This outdoor gym includes instructions for basic parkour moves and plenty of space for experienced freerunners. (District Nordre Aker)

Get stronger

Strength training is more exciting outside. 

Tennis courts

Play for free! Grab your gear and get in a set before the day is done. 

Beach volleyball courts

It's just not summer without beach volleyball. 

Pump track

A playground for your bike. You're welcome. :) 

Track and field

Run! Jump! Go for it. 

Football pitch

Whether you call it football or soccer, bring a ball and hit the turf. 

Good summer!

NIH wishes you a healthy & active summer. From Vice-rector Elin Kolle, Rector Lars Tore Ronglan, and Administrative director Lise Sofie Woie.