Practical information

NIH turns 50 years in 2018 and is hosting a music festival for students, employees and former students and employees.


You will receive a QR code when registering. Festival wristbands will be handed out at check in.

What happens when?

The entrance and food court opens at 5 PM/17.00.
Opening show at 7 PM/19.00.
DJ with artists are playing from ca. 11 PM/23.00.
Doors are closing at 3AM/03.00.

Food and Drink

SAAl food truck – Italian street food
Moon Moon food truck – Asian street food
Glør – pizza, burger, sandwich
4Gringos – taco truck
Beer and wine tent

Payment – cards and Vipps only


Free at Sognsvann (the parking lot at NIH will be closed).


No seating during outdoor concerts.
Some seating by the food court and some seating in the cafeteria (there won't be seating for everyone all the time)

Take notice

Umbrellas, chairs, food and drink, bottles and dogs can stay home.
The stage and food court are outside, so dress according to the weather. Remember that the weather can change towards the end of the evening and night.