More students will gain access to campus

NIH is happy to announce that, over the course of the next week, we will be expanding access to our buildings - following new signals from the Ministry of Education and changes in infection control rules.

Starting next week more students and staff will have access to campus.

25-30 % of the students

The Ministry of Education writes in its press release that the university will be opened for…:

"all students who need access to the premises to keep their progression in order to complete their studies. This accounts for 25 - 30 percent of students. These are rough estimates and each institution will decide for themselves who needs access to complete their studies. See the press release (

In the guidelines from the Council of State Henrik Asheim, we will initially open up for students who need access to NIH's premises to complete their studies this spring. Classes will continue to be digitally till end of the semester. Exams will mainly be conducted as home exams, while the master students will be given an oral exam with physical attendance.

More information will be posted on NIH's information pages about the corona situation (in Norwegian) and students who are granted access will be notified of this via canvas.

More employees

In light of the new infection control rules from the Ministry of Education, NIH will from next week open up for that more employees who can work at NIH, but this also will be done according to infection control regulations. The Ministry of Education writes in their press release that:

"Employers should ensure that employees can keep a one-meter distance from each other throughout the working hours. In areas where employees are reliant on public transportation, employers are encouraged to use home office and online meetings as much as possible, with physical presence fat their workplaces only when needed. This is especially important in the Oslo area and in other cities with congested public transport.»

At NIH we need to plan better how we will make evewrything work. More students on campus also means more staff will have be at work. At the same time, we know many employees would like to be on campus to get their work done. We must now plan together with the institutes on how we can increase the presence of staff and students and at the same time maintain infection control and hygiene.

Updated information on gradual opening and access for staff and students will come Monday, May 11.