Gradual reopening of campus

As of Wednesday, May 13, graduating NIH students will have access to parts of the campus.

Students working on computers

Following the guidelines from the gouvernment, from Wednesday 13 May we will reopen the campus for NIH students of 2nd year master and 3rd year bachelor. From this day, libraries, reading rooms, canteen, group rooms in the central building, as well as the quiet rooms will be available 10:00 - 18:00.
Students will NOT have any access to fitness facilities or changing rooms.

At NIH, employees with cell offices will also be able to return to campus, though working from home is still recommended.

“We are very excited that the campus is reopening for graduates this week” says NIH Director Lise Sofie Woie. “For the rest of the week we will monitor the number of students coming, and will then be able to adjust further, hopefully to accommodate for even more students from Monday 18 May.”

Students and staff will have to use the main entrance and use their access card.

Compulsory infection prevention course

All students and staff returning to campus must complete a 15-minute infection prevention course (developed at UiB). 

In line with special guidelines from the city council (Oslo kommune), we will continue to facilitate for home office and online meetings as much as possible.

Furthermore, NIH encourage both students and staff to avoid the use of public transport if possible, especially during rush hour.

A precondition for attendance is that students, employees and tenants follow infection control rules and recommendations from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. We also strongly urge you to download the Infect Stop app (IphoneAndroid).

Master's graduation ceremonies

Master's ceremonies will be conducted, further information will be posted in Canvas.

Gradual reopening of our campus

We are now planning for a gradual reopening of the campus. The service center will be open on regular hours and with full staffing.

The following premises will be opened from Wednesday 13 May:

  • Study hall
  • Master students’ study hall
  • Canteen (upper part towards kitchen)
  • Library (opening hours 10 am - 2 pm for self-service and self-lending)
    All shared PCs in the library will be blocked.
  • IT Support will be available in the library weekdays 0830 - 1500.
  • Colloquium rooms and group rooms in main building (ground floor and lower floor).
  • Canteen (as work area, not for food sales).
  • The sports hall opens only for research projects.
  • Completion of courses in the lab for first-year master students at IFP.

The Department of Academic Affairs will remain closed. Any student guidance can be done via email or phone / zoom.


The cleaning on campus is adapted to increased usage. All table surfaces are and will be cleaned with antibacterials that works for at least 24 hours.

Students will be responsible for cleaning any reading hall space, tables and chairs in group rooms and canteen after use. It is facilitated with equipment and information.

Dispensers with antibac will be conveniently placed around campus.

Opens for indoor rental

When the municipal superintendent and the sports circle agree on the infection control rules for sports activities and we are ready to follow them, we will reopen for rental of indoor premises. Hopefully this will happen within a few days.

  • Tenants will themselves be responsible for compliance with infection control rules.
  • Until further notice we will NOT open the wardrobes.
  • Tenants will be contacted by NIH Rentals.
  • Reopening of the fitness center and other training rooms / halls will be in line with other openings in the municipality of Oslo. We will come back with more information on when that might happen.
  • NIH's swimming pool has been drained of water and will not open until August.


“We hope we will be able to open the doors for more students in the near future. Our goal is to start the semester in August with open doors, and to have an almost normal welcome week and matriculation” says Director and head of emergency Lise Sofie Woie.