The Coronavirus - Advice to employees and students

NIH's emergency management team are closely monitoring the situation with the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). NIH will follow the advice of the health authorities and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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All staff and students are asked to following standard hygiene measures:

  • Use the antibacterial dispensers for hand hygiene placed in the canteen, in the fitness center and by the main entrance.
  • Cough in a paper towel (throw afterwards) or in the arm hook.
  • Wash hands frequently. Details are found over all sinks.
  • If you feel ill, you should have a low threshold to contact the health service on the telephone.

Cleaning is intensified in the reception area and also in common areas where many people interact.


Travel advice

NIH continuously monitors developments closely regarding our exchange students. A comprehensive overview is drawn up of where we have students, and we are in dialogue with the institutions they are hosted at.

The Ministry of Education and Research asks institutions to provide an overview of where their employees are on business trips as well as private trips. Everyone will be asked to provide information about.

NIH now gather an overview of where we have students who are on internships through PPU, and the developments in the area with regard to the risk of being infected.

The Ministry of Education is continuously assessing whether there is a need for more specific advice or instructions related to teaching, exams and exchange students than what is already stated in the current regulations.

Students, staff or visitors in areas with proliferation:

Follow instructions from local authorities.

Follow UD's travel advice in the area (, kindly check these frequently for updates.

Students and staff traveling

Kindly check on the sites below the Norwegian governments information and recommendations for frequent updates:

The National Institute of Public Health's travel advice new coronavirus (

Authorities have provided special travel advice for travel to China - SEE

Consider before traveling

  • Discuss with your manager whether you should travel on the scheduled job trip. Also consider the options if this can be done can be done on Skype or postponed.
  • Have you checked the risks linked to your journey? This must be done and send this to your manager with a copy to
  • Register your journey at:


Guidance from NIH to you as an employee

In accordance to the FHI guidelines, a healthy person who has been in contact with a person whom has been diagnosed with the virus for the past 14 days should contact the health service and shall then be followed up - SEE

It is emphasized that if you are uncertain whether you are infected or not, kindly contact your doctor / other health care professional for advice on what to do. NIH can only rely on advice from health care professionals, and do not make such assessments ourselves.
Once you have been advised, call your manager to inform them of the recommendation instructed to you. You should not attend NIH if you have symptoms of the virus or have stayed in an area where the risk of getting infected is high. If you have been quarantined / found infected - inform your manager with a copy to Line F. Blekeli.

NIH  advice employees and bring their PC home after the end of the working day, and ensure that VPN is installed (secures access to the NIH area from home).


Who to contact?

For general information: Healthcare's information phone: 815 55015.

If you think you may have been infected with corona: Call your regular doctor or emergency room at 116117.

Important: Please do not go to the doctor's clinic or the emergency room, but stay home and contact help by telephone.

In case of acute injury or illness: If you or someone close to you is seriously ill or injured, call your emergency medical phone at 113.

Contacts at NIH

Employees: Line Fiskerstrand Blekeli,, 41 31 25 62

Students: Grethe Nilsen,, 90 84 40 31