Could repair "new" type of meniscus damage: – Like a new knee

A new method that enables the detection and repair of knee injuries that have so far resulted in a whole host of outcomes, ranging from permanent pain to the need for prosthetics. One in six people who sustain a meniscus injury also have this “new” type of damage.

Group of cheering youngsters  in a classroom

A key to reduce body-image pressure among youngsters

Too heavy, too thin, too fat, too short, too wide... “All” young people suffer from body-image pressure, but a few simple measures imposed by schools could make their everyday lives easier. Boys in particular struggle to accept permanent help.

The Coronavirus - Advice to employees and students

NIH's emergency management team are closely monitoring the situation with the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). NIH will follow the advice of the health authorities and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.