Landgraff measuring O2 intake on teenage girl

Young people perform just as well with less effort

Young people involved in endurance sports could just as easily benefit from engaging in varied, technical workouts rather than exerting themselves by doing tough interval training, for example. The results achieved on the pitch or the track would be just as good if they engaged in other, possibly more enjoyable cardio-intensive workouts, and this could also reduce the number of young people dropping out.

Overweight man on an exercise bike

Exercise provides healthier fat

With exercise, our fat cells behave differently and help deter diabetes. This has been demonstrated by a new American study conducted using mice and data from tests in which two students from the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences (NIH) played key roles.

Course for PE teachers – woman running over markers on the gym room floor

PE classes mostly for pupils who are good at sports

School pupils are not getting the PE classes to which they are entitled. The classes are prepared according to a sports-related logic that benefits those who are already good at sports. The rest of the pupils are left behind.