Man stretching

Telephone fitness

Getting fit by phone or e-mail: does that sound odd? Or is it an efficient way of encouraging more people to get fit? The answer is that it actually helps.

Randi Løvland and Kyrre Holstad from Posten Norge

Help for self-help enabled people in poor physical shape to get fit

Even people in poor physical shape have what it takes. Measures implemented for people in poor physical shape at Norway Post and Bring showed how everyone can be motivated to become more active - and continue that way for a long time afterwards. However, the measures did not help to improve absence from work due to sickness.

Ole Gunnar Solskjær congratulates Jesse Lingard

A new kind of kind leadership according to the Chocolate Method

Ole Gunnar Solskjær has made some smart moves as manager at Manchester United. In a very short time he has not only managed to turn a shaky team around, but seems to have done something with the whole organisation. There is a lot to learn from his leadership.