Man reaching and stretching on the measuring bulls-eye

A new bull's eye within reach

—Stop there! OK, keep it very still, says Ola Eriksrud as he takes a bearing using a plumb line towards a bull’s eye on the floor. His aim is to measure how far the football player can actually stretch – and he is confident that the method he has now developed will be of importance for training and rehabilitation.

Elderly man holding a dumbbell in each hand

Weight training on prescription for the elderly

Regular weight training can keep even the oldest members of our society healthier, more mobile and allow them to be more independent. —Weight training is very important. Even a 90-year-old can and should exercise to develop both new strength and muscle mass, says Sigve Nyvik Aas.

Youth: Inactive for too long

Children and adolescents have not become more active, despite the clear goal to increase physical activity. The World Health Organization’s goal of more physical activity to curb many diseases is facing failure.

Boy getting ready to sprint

Sitting still is not such a bad thing after all

Do you spend a lot of time sitting still? It is actually not such a bad thing, either for adults or children, provided that you engage in enough physical activity otherwise. However, if you become overweight, then you will also become less active and can easily incur serious illnesses later on.