IAPS President`s message

Alun Hardman - IAPS president welcomes you all welcome to Oslo in September 2018!

It is with great pleasure that the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport is again in Oslo and the Norwegian University of Sport Sciences. Some of us older (wiser?) members will have fond memories of the 1997 conference. In amongst the fantastic academic programme hosted by Gunnar Breivik & Sigmund Loland, an epic tennis doubles match saw the pairing of Loland and Sheridan narrowly defeat von Hilvoorde & Hardman. 

In that year, the following events provided much ethical interest - Bill Clinton banned human cloning, Deep Blue defeated Gary Kasparov, Tiger Woods became the first Afro-American winner of the Masters at Augusta, Liz Heaston became the first female to play and score in college football and the infamous Tyson-Holyfield fight took place. 

Now, 21 years later, there is still lots to talk about and discuss in the Philosophy of Sport. We really look forward to supporting Kenneth Aggerholm, and all his colleagues at Norges idrettshøgskole in what promises to be another memorable occasion. 

 "God tur! Ser frem til å se deg i Oslo!"

 Alun Hardman – IAPS President