IAPS can offer reduced hotel rates at Thon Ullevål hotel and Scandic Victoria hotel .

NIH is located approximately 7 kilometres from the city centre of Oslo, just next to the woods and the beautiful lake Sognsvann. Since the school is located on the outskirts of the city, there are no hotels in the immediate vicinity that can offer accommodation for all the participants.

IAPS can offer reduced hotel rates at Thon Ullevål hotel (booking deadline July 30th) and Scandic Victoria hotel (booking deadline August 9th) from September 4th to 9th

The metro number 5 Sognsvann travels directly between these hotels in Oslo city centre and at Ullevål Stadion and Sognsvann.

Thon Ullevål hotel is located three kilometres from the school, just and two minutes walk from the metro station and the airport bus stop. Scandic Victoria hotel is located next to Stortinget in the city centre, with the train and metro station a few minutes walk away. 

To book a hotel room, please use the link in the right column. You can choose between rooms in different price ranges. We only accept payments by debit cards (e.g. Visa or MasterCard).

In addition to hotel accommodation, the participants can stay for free at "Base Camp Sognsvann". The camp is established at the Campus of NIH, with access to showers and toilet facilities at the school. Booking your stay in the camp will be possible through the ordinary conference registration procedure. 

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