Public defence: How growth and maturation affect the risks involved in developing sports injuries in young people

Many sports injuries – and the risks involved in developing such – are overlooked by trainers. In order to reduce injuries and dropouts, training needs to become more adapted to accommodate growth and maturity than is currently the case.



June 10


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This is the main conclusion reached in the doctoral dissertation that Eirik Halvorsen Wik will be defending at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NIH) on 10 June:

Whilst undertaking his work, he has been following elite-level teenage athletes at the Aspire Academy in Qatar's capital, Doha, over the past four years. Aspire Academy is an “elite national sports academy" for boys where athletics and football are the main sports.

Among other things he has been investigating which types of injuries have the greatest impact on participation and whether or not young people are more or less prone to developing injuries at different times during their development. By using the lessons learned from this, measures can be implemented to help prevent young people from developing various types of injuries which can easily following them throughout their lives.

However, the data recorded also revealed another important source of error – which may be common in several studies: physiotherapists recorded less serious injuries in very different ways, something which could create an incorrect picture of the extent of injuries of this type.



  • Main supervisor: Roald Bahr – Professor, Centre for Sports Injury Research, NIH
  • Warren Gregson – Manager, Football Physiology, Aspire Academy, Doha
    Professor, Dep. of Sport and Exercise Sciences, Liverpool John Moores University
  • Amanda Johnson – Lead Physiotherapist, Aspire Academy Sports Medicine Centre, Aspetar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital



  • Chairman: Ulf Ekelund – Professor, Department of Sports Medicine, NIH
  • 1st opponent: Markus Waldén – Associate Professor, Hässleholm-Kristianstad Hospitals
  • 2nd opponent: Margo Mountjoy - Associate Professor, McMaster University Medical School


1400-1445 Trial lecture
"Evidence based strategies for management and prevention of COVID-19 in elite athletes preparing for and participating in the Tokyo Olympic summer games"

1515-1815 Public defence of his dissertation:
"Injuries in elite male youth football and athletics - growth and maturation as potential risk factors"

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This public defence will be held digitally and submitted live on YouTube (direct link to be provided)

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