Seminar: Match Analysis – Research and Practice

Physical, technical and tactical aspects of match and training analysis in elite team sports.



November 29






DKK 800


Scandinavian Network for Elite Sport (SNE) is hosting a seminar: "Match Analysis", which will focus on the physical, technical and tactical aspects of match and training analysis in elite team sports. The primary target groups are coaches, sports managers, applied sport scientists and analysts (club and national teams) and researchers in the team sports of football, handball and ice hockey.

Scandinavian Network for Elite Sport

The aim of the network between Section of Sport Science, Aarhus University, Department of Food and Nutrition, and Sport Science, University of Gothenburg, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences and Faculty of Sport and Health Science, University of Jyväskylä is to develop collaboration, knowledge exchange and research in the area of elite sport within Scandinavia.

Graduate students at the institutions can apply for exchange studies at the partner institutions in Aarhus, Gothenburg, Oslo and Jyväskylä. Through an exchange study, students gain access to a broad range of courses to complement their study programs and to achieve a better overall training in sport science. 

Researchers in the partner institutions collaborate in Master-projects, PhD-projects, Research projects and networking. The network has selected five areas of research, where the partner institutions has specific knowledge: Talent development and Youth sport, Dual career, Training and nutrition, Strength training and Match Analysis. 

The network disseminates knowledge and collaborate with elite sport institutions, sport federations, clubs, coaches, high performance managers and athletes across Scandinavia, both in annual thematic symposia, publications, media releases and online documentation.