The School is governed by a Board led by the Rector. The Rector is elected for four years and can be re-elected for an additional period.

The management of the School is divided between the Rector who has responsibility for the academic activities and the Managing Director who is responsible for the administration.

In addition to the Rector, the Board consists of four external members, four elected representatives for the employees and two student representatives.

The administration is divided into six departments:

  • Department of Academic affairs
  • Department for Research Management and Library
  • Department of HR, Finance and Planning
  • Department of Property
  • Department of Communication
  • Department of Information and Communication Technologies

In addition to these departments the administration also consist of an information unit.

NIH has approximately 170 man-labour years.

Research and Education

The School's academic activities are divided between five Departments and one Centre:

  • Department of Physical Performance
  • Department of Sports Medicine
  • Department of Sport and Social Sciences
  • Department of Teacher Education and Outdoor Studies

An important tasks for the School, is to share its knowledge with the general public. Through the Centre of Applied Research, NIH wishes to meet society and industry with an offer of research competence, practical competence and knowledge-based services connected to the various departments at the School.