NIH today

The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NIH) is a Specialized University. NIH holds a national responsibility to provide higher education and scientific research in its corresponding fields.


The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NIH) offers opportunities to study at Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels. The Bachelor and Master educations are taught in Norwegian. Certain courses are open to exchange students, and is in English.

There are currently approximately 1600 full- and part-time students at NIH.

The education is of high international quality and gives the students competence that is relevant for our modern society's challenges and stimulates personal development.

The School offers Bachelor in Sports Science courses with the following specializations:

  • Outdoor Studies, Bachelor
  • Bachelor in Coaching and Sport Psychology
  • Bachelor in Exercise, health and performance
  • Bachelor in Sport Management
  • Bachelor in Physical education and Sport

The courses can be continued at the Masters level where the students have a range of different study modules from which to choose.

The school's 3-year PhD programme is a continuation from a Masters degree in sport science. Other relevant Master studies can be approved as a basis for admission to the programme. As of 2013, NIH has more than 70 PhD-students.

About half of the students at NIH are part-time students. The part-time courses consist of modules within sport management, outdoor education, physical education, fitness and elite trainer. A series of short courses and seminars are also arranged, often in association with other research environments or with sports foundations or sporting organizations.


The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences aims to increase its offer to international students. Many students at the school choose to undertake part of their education at institutions outside Norway.

In addition, there are foreign students at NIH. These students are primarily organized under international exchange programmes such as Nordplus or Erasmus.

The School has an Erasmus+ agreement with a wide range of universities in the Nordic countries and Europe. Our students also have the opportunity to study in Canada and USA. 

The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences faculty has a broad international network of research collaborators.

NIH participate in Erasmus+, committed through the Erasmus+ Charter 2021-2027 and the Erasmus Policy Statement