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Morten C. Rustad

PhD Candidate
Department for Physical Education
+47 23 26 22 33


Pedagogy, didactics, Physical Education and Sport subjects, lifestyle/action sport, assessment, practising and learning, qualitative methods, action research


Pedagogy, didactics, Physical Education and Sport subjects, assessment, lifestyle/action sport and alternative movement activities, play

Short biography

Morten Corneliussen Rustad is PhD candidate at the Department of Teacher Education and Outdoor Life Studies, NIH, and do research on practising and learning in Physical Education. He delivered his master's degree at NIH in 2010 and started as a PhD candidate in autumn 2015. Rustad has worked as physical education- and sports teacher at Lillestrøm VGS from 2007 to 2015 and as Lecturer at NIH since 2011. Rustad is a member of "Program Group for 3-year teacher education in practical and aesthetic subjects", and also the deputy head of Oslo Sidelengs Brettklubb.

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