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Reidar Säfvenbom

Head of Department
Department of Teacher Education and Outdoor Studies
+47 23 26 24 25 / +47 930 39 506


Relational Developmental Systems Theories.
The Relevance of Physical Activity Contexts in the everyday life of adolescents.


Pedagogy: Human Development.

Short biography

Dr. Reidar Säfvenbom is a Professor at the Department of Teacher Education and Outdoor Life Studies, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NIH). His major research interest is Human Development in general and Positive Youth Development in particular. In prior research Säfvenbom has studied the relationship between vulnerable groups of adolescents and sports, and is still concerned about how nations and governments provide and facilitate developmental assets for all children and adolescents.

 According to Säfvenbom there are many reasons for adolescents to withdraw from organized sports, yet there are also great possibilities to see more adolescents involved in movement activities – if the sport policy and thus the promotion of movement activity changes.

 Säfvenbom is currently studying self-organized lifestyle sports and how such contexts may contribute to positive youth development. These studies support the idea that young people who decide to leave organized sports to involve in self-organized groups do have strengths that should be recognized, and that self-organized lifestyle sport contexts seem to offer an opportunity for these to explore human movement in a human context.

 According to Säfvenbom organized youth sports should remain as is in Norway, but for the purpose of social goods and positive youth development alternative channels for communicating movement activities outside the regular sport system have to be developed, and resources must be allocated in a way that secures equal opportunities for all.

 Based on the belief that eagerness for physical activity should be seen as a major outcome of interventions and physical activity contexts he has developed The Eagerness for Physical Activity Scale (EPAS).

 Säfvenbom is currently running a PE-teacher education program at NIH.



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