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Pia Wedege

PhD Candidate
Department of Sport and Social Sciences
+47 23 26 24 15


Active rehabilitation, spinal cord injury

Short biography

Pia has a Phd student at the Instiute of Sport and Social Sciences with the project Empowerment through Camp Spinal? Active Rehabilitation for individuals with spinal cord injury

She has a minor in Coaching and a master in Sports Physiotherapy from The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. Her master's thesis had the title: Reliability of three-dimensional gait analysis in adults with acquired incomplete spinal cord injury. She also has a bachelor of Physiotherapy from King's College London.

For several years, Pia has worked as a Physiotherapist at Sunnaas Hospital HF. She is a specialist in Neurological Physiotherapy and is an International Calssifier in parabob. During her period as a fellow at the Department of Coaching and Psychology, she will continue to work 20% at Sunnaas Hospital as a Physiotherapist.



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