Merete Møller

Department of Sports Medicine
+47 23 26 23 83


Risk factors and prevention of injuries in handball with a particular focus on shoulder and knee injuries.


Epidemiology, biostatistics, sports injuries.

Short biography

Merete Møller is a physiotherapist and PhD from Aarhus University in Denmark.

Her own experiences as an elite European handball player on the Danish National Team, is what drives her to seek a better understanding of how the significant long term and short-term burden of injury can be reduced through injury prevention.

Her doctorial studies have demonstrated that a large weekly increase in handball participation is the primary risk factor for injury development, and how other physical characteristics may influence the weekly increase in handball participation a player can tolerate before an injury occur.

Merete is currently working 60% as a part of the Skadefri-team and 40% with research.


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