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Pierre-Nicolas Lemyre

Department of Coaching and Psychology
+47 23 26 24 22 / +47 412 86 724

Area of responsibility

Head of Department
Associate professor


Sport Psychology, Psychophysiology, Motivation, Burnout

Short biography

Nicolas Lemyre is originally from Montreal in Canada. His research work focuses on motivational processes in elite athletes and how they are differentially related to adaptive and maladaptive sport participation outcomes. Lemyre also holds a position within the sport psychology department at the Norwegian Olympic Training Centre, and he is currently working with the national teams in swimming and biathlon, while also heading a task force on the prevention of underperformance syndrome (UPS) in elite athletes. Dr. Lemyre is a past recipient of the Young Investigator’s Award of the European College of Sport Sciences (ECSS), as well as the Dissertation Award of the Association of Applied Sport

Psychology (AASP). He is currently associate editor of the International Journal of Sport Psychology.


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