Photo of Lasse Mausehund

Lasse Mausehund

Department of Sports Medicine
+47 23 26 23 94 / +47 966 21 562


Biomechanics, motion analysis, injury mechanisms and risk factors for ACL injuries, strength training technique.


Strength/endurance/flexibility training, biomechanics, motion analysis and functional anatomy.

Short biography

Lasse Mausehund is a PhD candidate at the Department of Sports Medicine at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. His main research areas are sports injuries and strength training exercises. In his PhD, he studies biomechanical risk factors for and prevention of secondary ACL injury in ball/team sports in female elite athletes.

Lasse is authorized physical therapist and holds a M.Sc. in Sports Sciences with a specialization in biomechanics. He has been working for several years with educating personal trainers for NIH Aktiv, lecturing in biomechanics, strength training, functional anatomy and sports injuries. Previously he worked for MuscleAnimations, producing strength- and biomechanics animations which are being used for educational purposes.


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