Photo of Kristin Vindhol Evensen

Kristin Vindhol Evensen

Associate Professor
Department of Teacher Education and Outdoor Studies
+47 23 26 22 64 / +47 905 91 285


Qualitative methods, phenomenology of perception, phenomenology of practice, queer-theory, crip-theory, disability studies, intellectual disabilities, severe and multiple disabilities


Pedagogy, inclusive physical education, supervision for bachelor- and master thesis, physical education and sports for persons with disabilities, perspectives on disabilities and interaction, embodied learning

Short biography

Kristin Vindhol Evensen is a kindergarden teacher from Oslo Meteropolitan University, has a minor degree in adapted physical activity from the Norwegian school of sport sciences, a masters degree in special needs education from the University of Oslo and a PhD in sport sciences from the Norwegian school of sport sciences. Evensen has alternated between practical pedagogical work in schools and kindergardens and higher education, and have thus investigated how body and movement are foundational for communication when persons have intellectual disabilities. Her professional fundament builds on acknowledging that subjective movements are foundational when humans relate to each other.  

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