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Kari Bø

Department of Sports Medicine
+47 23 26 20 08 / +47 990 47 363

Area of responsibility

Professor, Phd,


Pelvic floor (function, dysfunction, measurement, prevalence in different groups, prevention, treatment, athletes), women's health, exercise during pregnancy and after childbirth, low back and pelvic girdle pain, diastasis recti abdominis.


Research methodology, pelvic floor, musculo-skeletal, ergonomics, exercise and music, exercise science (no teaching obligations in the term as rector)

Short biography

Kari Bø is a physiotherapist and exercise scientist and had her PhD (doctor of science) in 1990. She was appointed professor of exercise science in 1997. She has been elected prorector and rector (head of university 2013-2017) of the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, (specialized university), Oslo. She was the first vice president of the International Organization of Physical Therapists in Women's Health, WCPT 1999-2007, and has been the vice president of the Norwegian Council for Physical Activity for 8 years, giving direct advice to the Norwegian Minister of Health on physical activity/inactivity, fitness and health. In addition, professor Bø has been the vice president of the Norwegian Physiotherapy Association subgroup for Sport Physiotherapy 2003-2007. She is a board member of "The pelvic floor Center" at Akershus University Hospital, Norway.

Professor Bø has published > 280 scientific papers on pelvic floor dysfunction, treatment of incontinence and low back- and pelvic girdle pain, exercise during pregnancy and after childbirth, measurement methodology, fitness and women's health and has given > 300 invited international keynote presentations. In addition, she has published numerous articles, videos/dvds and books about the pelvic floor, fitness, pregnancy and physical activity, and women's health in general for the lay public. She was an appointed member of the Program committee for Clinical Research at the Norwegian Research Council for 3 years and an appointed member of Science Europe. She has been a visiting fellow to Stanford University, USA, and a guest professor at the University of Dunedin, New Zealand, University of Melbourne, Australia, the Ministry of Health, Singapore, Soutmead Hospital, Bristol, UK and The George Institute of Global Health, Sydney, Australia. In 2014, one of the her RCTs on pelvic floor muscle training was awarded one of 15 top trials in physiotherapy among >25.000 studies in the PEDro database, and in 2015, she was awarded with the Mildred Elson Award, the most prestige's award from the World Confederation of Physiotherapy, for her contribution to research and education in pelvic floor dysfunction and women's health. In 2016 she is awarded of the International Continence Society Lifelong Achievement award and in 2019 an honorary member of the Norwegian Physiotherapy Association. She is an honorary member of the Norwegian- Brazilian and Chilean Physiotherapy Association’s Subgroup of Women’s Health.



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