Photo of Jannicke Høyem

Jannicke Høyem

Senior Lecturer
Department of Teacher Education and Outdoor Studies
+47 23 26 24 85 / 915 62 193

Area of responsibility

Jannicke is Associate Professor in friluftsliv.


Friluftsliv, place, knowledge, pedagogy, being in the winter mountains, health, quality of life, friluftsliv and environment, human-nature relations


Friluftsliv, pedagogy, winter, health, friluftsliv and environment, human-nature relations

Short biography

Jannicke is Associate Professor in friluftsliv ved at the department of physical education. Her thesis (2011) was called ‘Friluftsliv, eaching and learning – being with flexoble adult students in nature’. 

Jannicke owns a Cand. Scient-degree in friluftsliv from the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences, and a cand.mag.-degree in biology and nature management from the Norwegian Agricultural University. Jannicke has worked for The Norwegian Mountain Touring Association (DNT), The Norwegian Red Cross and The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, and has broad experience from different positions in volunteer organizations within the friluftsliv field.

In her reseach Jannicke focuses on pedagogy, practical knowledge and human-nature relations, and on being in the winter mountains and how this can be understood and conveyed.


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