Jacob Wienecke

Associate Professor
Department of Sport and Social Sciences
+47 23 26 24 10


My research is focused on the motor system.

The human being cannot live or cannot interact with the surroundings without using the motor system. A simple thing as breathing or communicate cannot occur without the motor system - and maybe the best for cognitive learning is to involve the motor system (?).

My research has both a basic science perspective and an applied perspective.

The applied projects investigate the relation between the motor system and cognitive learning? How important is involvement of motor skills during childrens learning process of cognitive skills? Embodied learning is an important field of research and my research focus on

1) how to do it (practically) in the school and what are the learning outcomes, and

2) what are the mechanisms behind the observed effects.

The basic science projects focus on

1)   The basic physiological mechanisms of the motor system and the regulation of these mechanisms.

2)   The motor systems ability to adapt and learn new skills under various circumstances. How can learning be optimized for children, young people, sports talents, adults and people with various disabilities?


 Neuroscience and ballgames

Short biography

Jacob Wienecke has a Master Degree in Sport Science and Physiology, and a PhD-degree in Neuroscience from the University of Copenhagen.

Wienecke has worked with ballgames and especially basketball for many decades. Jacob Wienecke has been a toplevel basketballplayer and more than 25 years of experience as basketball coach for children and adults.

Since 2002 the research has focused on molecular and electrophysiological aspects of brain function. Since 2014 the research has primarily been focused on movement and learning for children and adults.


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