Imre van Kraalingen

PhD Candidate
Department of Teacher Education and Outdoor Life Studies
+47 23 26 22 55


Friluftsliv, philosophy, youth culture, digitalization, environmental ethics.

Short biography

Imre is a Ph.D. candidate in the department of Department of Teacher Education and Outdoor Life Studies. She has a background in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, and holds a master’s degree in Development, Environment and Cultural Change (2019) from the University of Oslo. Imre has previously been involved with CICERO and the Arne Næss Programme.

She is currently working on the project "Rethinking Friluftsliv in Modern Adolescence", where she plans to explore how the increasing usage of mobile devices during outdoor activities alters the way young people experience nature, and how digital narratives of friluftsliv on social media mediate friluftsliv as practice and philosophy.

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