Emilie Frederikke Mass Dalhaug

PhD Candidate
Department of Sports Medicine
+47 23 26 22 98 / +47 917 08 426


Women’s health, physical activity and exercise during pregnancy and postpartum, health and training among pregnant elite athletes

Short biography

Emilie Mass Dalhaug is a PhD student in the Department of Sports Medicine on the project The gender gap in sport medicine research - pregnancy, health, training and motherhood in elite athletes. The primary aim of this project is to explore the acute effect of performing high-intensity interval training on maternal and foetal health in pregnant elite athletes and frequent exercisers. The secondary aim is to assess elite athletes’ experiences of pregnancy and return to sport, including maternal and foetal health aspects, sport performances, and practical challenges.

Emilie has previously worked as a scientific assistant on the School in Motion project, and as a project coordinator on a national surveillance study of physical activity and physical fitness among children and adolescents (PANCS3).

She holds a master's degree in Sports Science from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, 2017.


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