Eirik Halvorsen Wik

Department of Sports Medicine
959 06 684


Training load and injuries, Growth and maturation in athletes, Injury prevention, Injury surveillance, Football physiology, Physical performance in team sports

Short biography

Eirik Halvorsen Wik is employed as a Post-graduate researcher at Aspetar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital in collaboration with the Aspire Academy, and is based in Doha, Qatar. He is a PhD candidate with the Department of Sports Medicine and Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center. His research project looks into the relationship between growth, maturation, training load and injuries in youth academy athletes, primarily in football (soccer) and athletics.

Eirik has previously completed a master’s degree in exercise physiology through the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, examining activity profiles in international team handball using microtechnology. He has also completed a complimentary teaching degree and has experience as a physical performance coach in football from the premier Norwegian women’s league (Toppserien).


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