Photo of Egil Ivar Johansen

Egil Ivar Johansen

Department of Physical Performance
+47 23 26 23 36 / +47 413 29 961

Area of responsibility

Responsible for the program of IBA - Basic year in sport science. Responsible for FKI 226 individual sports. Member of UPT (committee for practical organization of studies for students with functional reduction. Safety deputy


Orienteering, education in map and compass, setting up the course, map making, theory of training, coaching, eductation of coaches.


1BA137 - Outdoor activities (orienteering)
1BA113 - Therory of traning.
FKI 226 - Individual sports
TRL 220 - In depth study of spesific sport
TRL 221 - Coaching and arrangement
TRL 320 - Spesific theory of training with basis in a spesific sport.
TRL 380 - Projectwork

Short biography

Lecturer. Major from NIH. Part-time teacher at NIH from 1979-2002. General sectretery and national team coach of orienteering 1992-1997 and 2000-2002. World champion in individual orienteering in 1976 and 1978. World champion in the relays in 1978.

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