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Marte Bentzen

Associate Professor
Department for Physical Education
+47 23 26 22 36


Adapted physical activity, psychological health
and physical activity, motivation, health pedagogy / health psychology, burnout
and well-being, quantitative methods, the coach profession, dropout from sport. 


Adapted physical activity, physical activity in psychiatry, health   pedagogy in education, motivation,


Short biography


Marte Bentzen works as an associate professor at the department of physical education. Previous education; Teacher (Oslo University College), Special Needs Education (University of Oslo), Master degree and PhD from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NSSS). The topic of her master thesis was on motivation in rehabilitation for individuals experiencing long-term sick leave, while the topic of her PhD was variation in well- and ill-being among high-performance coaches in sport. Previous work experience: sports pedagogue in different rehabilitation settings (cardiac, rheumatism, and psychiatry). After finishing her PhD, she worked as a researcher at NSSS at a project exploring physical activity as a part of psychiatric treatment.

Common features in Marte Bentzens' interest in her work life and research has been how contextual characteristics influences individuals in terms of experienced demands and motivational support. In contexts like school, sport, work, and rehabilitation, it is of importance that each individual experience mastery and autonomy in order to have the energy and desire to continue to be in the context, seek challenges and experience joy. 




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