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Annett Victoria Stornæs

Department of Sports Medicine
+47 23 26 21 17 / +47 986 49 672


Perfectionism, adolescence in performance groups, adolescence and mental health.

Short biography

Annett Stornæs is a PhD student at the Department of Sports Medicine from 2017 with research grants from the Norwegian Extra Foundation for Health and Rehabilitation, through Norwegian Council for Mental Health.

MSc in Sports Science, NIH (2008), with the topic on sports that have weight rules for competitions, how these weight rules affect athletes weight reduction/fluctuation during the season/off season, and how weight reduction methods can affect the athletes' sports performance and health in a short and long term perspective.

Worked as an Officer at NIH/Defence institute (2008-2015), and did research i.e on women in the military and Officer Candidate Schools as part of the project "Research on Age Cohorts".

In addition to education at NIH Stornæs has education from the Armed Forces Officer Candidate School and Military Academy and have worked in different unites, i.e Platoon leader at His Majesty the Kings Guard.



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