Photo of Anna-Maria Strittmatter

Anna-Maria Strittmatter

Associate Professor
Department of Sport and Social Sciences
+47 23 26 24 17

Area of responsibility


Youth sport governance including (youth) sport policy, youth sport events, Youth Olympic Games, self-organised sports, event management.


Event Management
International organization of sports
Sport policy

Short biography

Dr. Anna-Maria Strittmatter is Head of Sport Management where she holds academic and administrative responsibility for the Sport Management B. A studies at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences.

Her research focuses on youth sport governance within and outside organized sports, as well as sport event management. Anna-Maria has a PhD in Sport Management where she was involved in an international project examining the Youth Olympic Games (YOG). In 2017, she defended her doctoral dissertation entitled "Legitimation processes of sport organizations – the case of Norwegian youth sport policy and the 2016 Lillehammer YOG".

Anna-Maria is Vice-president of the Norwegian Board Sports Federation and board member of Tverga – resource center for self-organized sports and activity. She has work experience as event organizer of international (youth) snowboard events and as General Secretary at the World Snowboard Federation. In 2012, she took her Diploma Degree in Sport, Media and Communication at the Technical University München . 



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