Photo of Albin Paul Chilla Tenga

Albin Paul Chilla Tenga

Associate Professor
Department of Sport and Social Sciences
+47 23 26 24 32 / +47 997 87 554


Soccer, tactical and technical effectiveness, theoretical and methodological development of sports performance analysis (invasion games).


Teaching research methods for sports performance analysis (invasion games), test methodology and statistics, coaching and soccer.

Short biography

Albin Tenga holds a doctorate and a postdoc in sports performance analysis, specialized in soccer, from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. He defended his doctorate in 2010 with his dissertation: Reliability and Validity of Match Performance Analysis in Soccer: A Multidimensional Qualitative Evaluation of Opponent Interaction.

In his research, Tenga has been most concerned with issues related to the 'game' itself. He has published research work on several different topics; from theoretical and methodological development perspectives in game structure and functionality, to applied research on performance effectiveness in match tactics, playing skills and training methods. Tenga has primarily used practice-relevant contextual analysis approaches with increased potential to produce results with significant applied relevance. Much of this research work has been published in collaboration with colleagues from Norway, Spain and England.

Tenga possesses a rare combination of professional expertise including practical experience in soccer coaching, theoretical understanding of the game, and research experience. He is authorized as a performance analyst of highest scientific level (5) by the International Society of Performance Analysis of Sport (ISPAS).


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