Adam Philip Sharples

Associate Professor
Department of Physical Performance
+47 23 26 23 03

Area of responsibility

Associate Professor in Molecular Physiology and Epigenetics


Skeletal Muscle
Epigenetics & DNA methylation
Gene Expression
Cell Signaling
Muscle Hypertrophy & Atrophy
Exercise & Aging
Bioengineering three-dimensional skeletal muscle Primary muscle stem cell isolation

Short biography

Dr Adam P. Sharples is an Associate Professor in Molecular Physiology and Epigenetics at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NiH), Olso, Norway. An institute ranked 2nd (out of 300) in the world for sport and exercise sciences (link).

His research is focused in cell & molecular biology, physiology and bioengineering of skeletal muscle. He investigates the underlying cellular, molecular and epigenetic mechanisms of muscle growth (hypertrophy) and wasting (atrophy) using both cell modelling and whole-body approaches.

His work first demonstrated human muscle possesses an ‘epigenetic memory’ of exercise (Seaborne et al., 2018, Scientific Reports- Nature).

Adam is an ex-professional Rugby League Player in the UK.

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