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Philippa Marie Lynch

Philippa Marie Lynch
Seksjon for kroppsøving og pedagogikk
+4723262246 / +4746504091


Outdoor Life/Friluftsliv International Exchange
Undervisning i friluftsliv ved:
Årsstudiet i friluftsliv
Masters /TEOS – Friluftsliv/Outdoor education


Outdoor education history
Sociological approaches to outdoor education
Sociological approaches to outdoor recreation
Adventure, risk and trust in outdoor activities
Outdoor education in school curricula
Environmental education and sustainability
Additional interests in: collaborative research technologies; student learning processes.

Kort biografi

Dr Pip Lynch is a professor in friluftsliv and coordinator for the friluftsliv group within the Seksjon for kroppsøving og pedagogikk (physical education department). Pip previously worked in New Zealand, teaching and leading a university outdoor education/outdoor leadership programme as well as teaching and supervising postgraduate students. She is experienced in historical and social science research methods (particularly qualitative methods) and in research collaboration. She has a strong interest in student learning and is a National Tertiary Teaching Excellence awardee in New Zealand (2006). Before taking up university positions, Pip worked as an outdoor educator with schools in southern New Zealand. She has also worked as an independent researcher and as an education programme manager.

Utvalgte publikasjoner

Lynch, P. (2006). Camping in the Curriculum. Christchurch, NZ: PML Publications, 256pp.

Booklets and Handbooks
Lynch, P. (2001). Mainstreaming Outdoor Education, updated and web-published by Outdoors New Zealand.

Book Chapters – Peer Reviewed
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Periodicals/Journals - Refereed Articles
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Report Literature
Booth, K.L. and Lynch, P.M. (2010). Outdoor Recreation Research Stocktake: Synthesis. Prepared for Sport and Recreation New Zealand by Lindis Consulting, Christchurch.

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