TEOS - Transcultural European Outdoor Studies

The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences in collaboration with the Philipps-Universität Marburg (Germany) and University of Cumbria (England) provides an unique joint two-year international Master's degree in outdoor recreation.

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1st of October Application Procedure

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The TEOS Master program's overall objective is to identify formal and informal learning processes in nature and outdoor activities, and to develop knowledge about the relationships that may exist between different natural environments, forms of outdoor recreation, social and cultural factors and educational activities; What does nature and natural touch through bodily involvement and sensing for children’s education and the formation, self-expression and quality of life? And what does such activities for the development of responsibility towards nature, the environment and society?

Program structure

The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences provides these three courses to the program:

MA431 Policy Making and Practical Context (10ECTS)

MA432 Specialization (10ECTS)

MAS426 Landscape and outdoor practices (10ECTS)

The TEOS students begin their first semester at the University of Cumbria, Ambleside in the Lake District, continues the second semester at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences , before travelling on to Europe's oldest Protestant university in Marburg in the third semester. The program ends with one writes a master's thesis by one of the three institutions, depending on the chosen theme of the fourth semester. The program's main language is English. For more information on the entire joint degree and information on how to apply go toTEOS home page

General information

NOTE! This is a joint degree and we can only accept a few exchange students every year (i.e., students from a partnered institution taking the three courses for one semester as a part of their degree).

Click here to read about what is like to be a TEOS student at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences .

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