Written Exams

The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NIH) will from the fall semester 2015 use a digital solution for written exams.

For you as a candidate there are numerous advantages to conduct the exams digitally.

  • Exams will be more like your study- / work day.
  • The digital exam provides better opportunities to dispose questions and answer, so you can concentrate on the academic content.
  • You will save time typing on PC.
  • Equality for candidates with indistinct / poor handwriting. 

Brief introduction video showing the implementation of digital examination.

Equipment Requirements

You should have your own laptop computer (PC or Mac) on the exam day. Tablets or hybrid PC's are not allowed.

If you do not have your own computer you can use, you must apply to borrow a PC from NIH before the deadline (see separate section below). It is important that you install updates on your PC or Mac. Also, check that your equipment works on NIHs wireless network Eduroam.

Your computer must meet the following requirements:

Windows 7 or newer
Google Chrome / Firefox / Internet Explorer 10 or newer

Mac OSX10.8 or newer
Safari 6 or newer installed

Username and password

You login to the digital examination with your standard NIH username and password (login via Feide). Remember that your password must be renewed regularly, so be sure your password is valid (you will be notified on your email when your password is about to expire). If you can log on to Fronter, everything is okay. NOTE! Make sure you check your login same morning before your exam. Please contact IT support if Fronter does not work, tel. +47 23262002 or IKT-support@nih.no

Installation of browser + test exam
Prior to the digital exams, you must have downloaded a separate browser and run a test exam.

You must download the so-called SafeExamBrowseren (SEB) User Guide:

Introduction Video - installation of SEB on PC
Introduction Video - installation of SEB on MAC

Prior to the exam, you will get an email from the examination office at NIH, notifying you of the test exam. You login with NIH username and password using Google Chrome https://nih.inspera.no/. Password for the test exam is: 9643.

Please contact the IT-Support at the Library if you need help to download SEB on your machine


Meet no later than half an hour (30 minutes) before the start of the examination, at your designated exam room. You can find information regarding the room arrangements on Studentweb. Remember to bring your own laptop / Mac and a charger if you need one. You must also have valid identification (student card / driving license / credit card with ID).

Students who have been granted a computer with a spellcheck program as a special arrangement, will be seated in a designated room with a NIH computer. Follow the instructions given by the invigilators (exam guards). Installation of your equipment and networking should be completed no later than 15 minutes before the examination starts.

Need to borrow computer?

If you do not have your own PC, you can lend a PC from NIH. You must notify the study department no later than 1 month before the exam date. Send an email to ses@nih.no .

Checklist before exam (open in google chrome).