It is important that you make yourself familiar with NSSS' rules and regulations concerning exams.

Special arrangements on the exam

If you need special arrangements for your exams (for example an extended on your submission deadline or to use a computer), you can send an application to the department of student affairs. You also need to attach documentation of your needs for the application.

The application deadline for exams in the fall semester is 15th of September and for the spring semester is 15th of February.

Exam results

The results (grades) for exams and assessments are published in StudentWeb three weeks after the exam date/submission deadline. You have the right to ask for an explanation of the grade, and to appeal against a grade, but it must be done within a given time frame. The time frame depends on the type of exam or assessment. Please see our rules and regulations §36 for further specifications.

If you are sick on the exam day or fail your exam

If you are sick on the day of the exam and cannot attend, you have to get a doctor's appointment on the same day in order to get a medical certificate. The medical certificate must be given to the Department of Academic affairs as soon as you are better.

If you are sick on your exam or if you fail your exam, your first possibility to retake it will be during the 'resits for exams' that are arranged during the following semester. Resits for exams and assessments for courses from the fall semester will be in week 8 or 9 the following year. Resits of exams and assessments for courses taught in the spring semester are in week 35 (end of August).

You have to sign up for the retake of an online exam. Please contact the Department of Academic Affairs or International Office for further explanations.


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